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Movenpick Ice Cream Rum Raisin

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Mövenpick Rum Raisin 2.4L

Inspired by the flavours of Jamaica, our rum ice cream with exquisite sultanas and rum sauce is a combination to be enjoyed in any climate.

: 2.4L

: 2 tubs per carton

: Switzerland


Whole milk, cream (milk product), sugar, water, glucose syrup (from wheat), raisins, dextrose (from corn and wheat), starches (tapioca, rice), skimmed milk powder, whey powder (milk product), egg yolk, milk proteins, rum (0.5%), natural flavourings, citrus fibres, caramelized sugar syrup, concentrated lemon juice. (AU/NZ: Ice cream portion contains 10.5% milk fat. Sodium 29mg/100ml). May contain traces of tree nuts. Contains 0.4% vol alcohol.

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